The Application

So you want to be an accelerator team?

Rock and roll partner, you’re one step closer to showing the world how kickass you are. We invite single project teams, multiple project teams, or content focused companies to be part of our program. There’s no limit to what your ideas and structure may be.

Our application is in two parts: Round 1 lasts roughly 4 weeks with Round 2 lasting an additional 3 weeks. That can seem fairly intensive so before diving head first into the paperwork here is a little insight of what you’re getting yourself into:

Round 1

Dogfish uses the application system F6S to accept team submissions. F6S is a trusted and secured network that is used by top tier accelerator programs such as TechStars, Y Combinator, and 500 Startups. It also allows you to pitch investment funds, post or apply for jobs, and get perks and resources from Microsoft to It also has a built in discussion page for our applicants and the Dogfish team to chat as a group. Please note you must login to F6S with either your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

So you’ll start the application by creating an account and filling out a form on F6S. You can submit a single project, multiple projects, or a content company. If you are submitting multiple projects and you cannot fit everything on a single form, you can have another member of your team submit a second application with the second project. Unfortunately F6S won’t allow multiple submissions from the same account.

The form will ask you for your team’s personal information, project information, social media links, skills, short answer questions, and a place to provide links for your project’s proof of concept and your past works.

Proof of concept is something that allows us to see or experience your vision as opposed to just reading it. This can be anything: a concept trailer, a sizzle reel of already shot footage, a finished project looking for distribution, a website, a blog, a Vine account, you name it. It just has to show us something you’ve made specifically for this project and be aligned with your overall vision. If you don’t have something like this, that’s ok. Just indicate that in the question. If you have a treatment, you may submit that there as a link to a pdf. If you have a script, we will take a look at that if you make it to round 2.

You also will need to provide a link for a Business Video. This video is no longer than 3 minutes in length and its purpose is to break the ice between you and us. This is a combination of an introduction from you and your team, a personal statement about why you make stuff, and a short statement about why you want to make this particular project. DO NOT SEND US YOUR REEL AS A BUSINESS VIDEO. For examples from previous Dogfish Accelerator teams check out the following links:

Exit Strategy
Young Gunner (password: leanstartup)

Round 2

You’ll be notified early in the week of August 11th if you’ve made it to the second round. At which point we will set up a video conference to interview you and your team.

Deliverables for this round will include a detailed business plan containing information about financial, marketing, distribution, and monetization strategies for your project. This is to measure more of how you think about your project rather than how ironclad your research is. Think of this version of your business plan as Draft Zero. Everyone gets an A for effort and our expectations for design is a nicely formatted Word or Google doc.

You also will need to send in a script and/or treatment for your project. Either is fine as some of you may be making unscripted content. We also will want to see a mood reel or lookbook for your project so we have a better idea of the tone and style of your idea. And lastly we’ll ask for two references from professionals from your industry.

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James Belfer - Founder & CEO

James founded Dogfish in 2009 to produce and invest in independent film (in which he made 6 films). He was named by Deadline Hollywood as one of 2012′s 10 Producers to Keep Watching. In 2013 he launched the Dogfish Accelerator program after an inspiring experience working for TechStars in Boulder, Colorado. He’s a Northwestern University graduate and received his MBA from NYU Stern in 2013. He currently is an Adjunct Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he teaches Strategies For Independent Producing. James aspires to be one of the world’s most renowned hermits. He tends to spend most of his free time in South Williamsburg watching cartoons and googling “best Texas BBQ in NYC.” He also runs a monthly meetup called A Presentation of the Deplorable, Bizarre, and Terrible in which he binge watches 10 films in a row that most of the world has never seen (most of the time for glaringly obvious reasons). As of July 2014 only 3 people have attended.